KEMPEROL RS Reinforcement Strip

The tear-proof solution

The tear-proof solution

KEMPEROL RS Reinforcement Strip has been specially developed to provide an even waterproofing surface when applying butt-jointed KEMPEROL Fleece. It is highly tear resistant and optimally adapted to the respective application.

Product information

Application areas

For new buildings and repair work. For bridging when butt-jointing the fleece reinforcement. For creating an even waterproofing surface. 

Per metre of butt-jointed KEMPEROL Fleece 1 m KEMPEROL RS Reinforcement Strip. 

Pack sizes
Rolls of 50 rm, 15 cm wide 

Standard colours

ETA 03/0025, ETA 03/0026, ETA 03/0043, ETA 03/0044 

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