The universal wear layer

The universal wear layer

KEMPERDUR TC is a 3-component, solvent-free surfacing system which can be used to create a durable wearing course. During the surfacing work with KEMPEROL surfacing systems, KEMPERDUR TC serves as a levelling compund on uneven grounds, gaps and holes. For both outdoor areas such as balconies, terraces, covered walkways, parking decks, driveways, yards or ramps as well as indoor areas such as workshops, basements or sales areas.  

Tip: Enhance the visual appeal of the surface using decorative elements – KEMPERDUR CQ 0408 Coloured Quartz for scattering or KEMPERDUR Deko or Deko 2K

Product information

Application areas

Universal wear and protective layer for surfaces subjected to high mechanical stresses such as parking decks, driveways, covered walkways, balconies and terraces. Also suitable as surfacing for indoor areas such as sales areas, workshops and basements.

At +23°C and max. 50% rel. humidity: 

  • workability time 15 minutes
  • rainproof after 4 hours
  • can be walked on after 4 hours
  • Can be driven on after 8 hours
  • can receive the next coat after 4 hours up to max. 3 days

Consumption: 3.0 to 4.0 kg/m² KEMPERDUR TC with

  • 3 to 5 kg/m² KEMPERDUR CQ 0408 Coloured Quartz or
  • 4 to 6 kg/m² KEMPERDUR NQ 0712 Natural Quartz or
  • 3 to 5 kg/m² KEMPERDUR NQ 0408 Natural Quartz 

Pack sizes
12.5 kg container

Pack consisting of:

  • 4.69 kg component A
  • 1.56 kg component B
  • 6.25 kg component C 
  • 6.25 kg pack as roller surfacing (without component C filler) 

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